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Catalogue No. EMRSWE

Rotary switches

Flexible Solutions
Three products in one! This clever Multi-function Rotary Switch can handle 180º, 270º and well as 360º jobs. Ideal for use with fans, but flexible enough to work with motorised shutters and awnings, as well as sensor switches.

Each rotary switch mechanism comes with 6 marking plate options – eg. "1, 2, 3" and “On, Off, Sensor”.

  • Mechanism colours - White, Black and Urban Grey
Catalogue No. ED770/3FLHWE

Engraved switches

Clear engraving on mechanisms allows for easy identification of function.

  • Fluoro rated up to 16AX
  • Excellent switching action - superior make or break contact
  • Can be fitted with LED ring EM770LED series
  • Colours available: White, Urban grey or Black
  • Choose among 40+ preset markings or ask for a customised engraving.
Catalogue No. ED770/1IPWE

Weatherproof IP66 switches

Moisture Resistant
These Weatherproof IP66 switches are ideal for areas subject to moisture, such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. They are completely protected against dust as well as jets of water of similar force to heavy seas.

  • Weatherproof Rating IP66
  • Colours: White
  • Vertical & Horizontal options

Catalogue No. EDA770/1WE

Architrave switches

Architrave switches are available in dedicated format, 16A/16AX only.

  • White, UG and Black colours


Catalogue No. ED770/1GPLWE+EM883WE

Push-button switches

Choose from a wide range of compact electronic push-button switches.

  • Available in White, Urban Grey and Black 5A.





Catalogue No. ED770/2WE+EM770LEDWE

Rocker Switches

Classic Styling
Tried and tested, the classic rocker switch is available in the Excel Life Dedicated Plate, Common Plate and Secure Plate series. The range includes:

  • Standard rocker switches 16A fluoro rated
  • Single and Double options up to 40A
  • Intermediate switch mechanisms 
  • Mechanism colours: White, Black and Urban Grey
  • Antimicrobial switches for hygiene sensitive environments
  • LED illumination ring option
Catalogue No. ED770/4GPLWE + 4 x EM400A2PWE + ED770/4PLDI


Enjoy the 2 & 3 wire all load dimmers. They’re LED friendly and feature overload protection. They work brilliantly with slave switches for multi-way dimming in large rooms, stairwells and hallways. LED colour can be set as red or blue.




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